Name System Planet Station Blueprints Completed Development Level
Chloe Sedesi ⚛︎ Shenve A6 Cinder Dock 2 2 4.0

Engineering Research

Estimated progress: 55,500/55,500

Witch Head's engineers are researching higher grades of blueprints. Higher grades become available after approximately the following numbers of (cumulative) upgrades have been carried out on a particular module type.

Blueprints available
Grade 2Grade 3Grade 4Grade 5
As the higher grade blueprints will be researched through a combination of rolls, the total required at any individual grade will be lower than stated here - the figures are if the entire research was made up of that grade once it becomes available.
Upgrades made Grade 1300075001900048000
Grade 2-2250800022500
Grade 3--380013500
Grade 4---7250

It is believed that use of pinned blueprints and application of experimental effects do not contribute to research. You will need to log out and in to see an upgrade once the threshold is crossed.