Update Progress

Updates for tick 16 August 3308 / day 17 August 3308

EDDN Reader is running

You can update this data without needing to log in by entering the system while running an EDDN-connected application (e.g. EDDiscovery, ED Market Connector or EDDI). On consoles, EDSM provides a synchronisation tool.

The easiest things to update are listed first. Numbers after each item indicate the days since the last update. Systems with unusual influence movements or control conflicts are highlighted and may benefit from more frequent data collection. Stations with state changes since last market data collection are also highlighted as their market data is most likely to be outdated.

Systems needing influence update (43%)

Within four hours of the expected tick time (~1100 hours) EDDN updates which do not change the influence of the highest faction will be ignored, to allow for tick fluctuation. This is mostly likely to affect very quiet systems or systems with a control conflict running.

Stations needing market updates (7%)

The following stations do not have market updates today. You will need to dock at the station to upload market data. This does not need daily updates for everywhere!

Stations currently in Lockdown cannot be updated.

To send an update without needing to open the market, outfitting or shipyard screens, you can for now use EDSM's CAPI tool.

Systems needing report updates (0%)

The following systems do not have report updates today. You will need to dock at a station in the system to view traffic, crime and bounty reports in the local Galnet, then manually submit an update with CensusBot. This does not need daily updates for everywhere!

This data can only be updated by logging in and entering it manually, or by using the !addreport command.