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There are a lot of points of interest in the Witch Head region and it can be hard to keep track of whether you've visited all of them. This tool allows you to keep track of which you have visited.

If you turn the tracking tools on, a button to mark your visit will appear in the top right of the page for each point of interest in its respective catalogue. You can also click on the progress bars to mark visits here.

All information is stored locally on your web browser using Javascript - none of the information on what you have visited is ever sent to the census servers.

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Balchder  Caister  Coalsack Sector KN-S b4-9  Coalsack Sector VU-O b6-6  Evangelis  HIP 23759  HIP 62154  Haki  Ipison  Jaralis  Lembass  Musca Dark Region IM-V C2-24  Musca Dark Region OP-C A 14-0  Musca Dark Region PJ-P b6-1  Onoros  Ronemar  Shenve  Siniang  Suluo  Wellington  Wisanye  Witch Head Sector OT-Q B5-0  Yuanjia 
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Adding's Watch  Akyuz Base  Alasa Leisure  Allegro Mining Territory  Arya Entertainment Complex  Azevedo Dredging Enterprise  Baltazar Botanical Complex  Bankole Nurseries  Bankole's Junction  Barbier Nutrition Holdings  Baruwal Hydroponics Nursery  Bawa Mining Enterprise  Belezjak Visitor Zone  Benelhag Extraction Enterprise  Bering Port  Betancourt Base  Bianchi's Plantation  Bogacki Falls  Braun Hydroponics Base  Bray Landing  Briscoe Terminus  Bunyan Cultivation Holdings  Burke Prospecting  Cabrera Metallurgic Installation  Cann Relay  Casari's Tranquility  Cha Nutrition Complex  Chakraborty Horticultural Range  Chen Nutrition Enterprise  Choi Metallurgic Complex  Chowdhury Agricultural Garden  Chua's Prospect  Cinder Dock  Cole Point  Collinson Excavation Hub  Columbi's Haven  Constancia Drilling Territory  Cook Agricultural Market  Crellin-Davies Resort  Dabral Agricultural Site  Dara Hospitality District  Desjardins Cultivation Garden  Deverell Extraction Site  Dewsnap Agricultural Hub  Dhar Hydroponics Range  Dhawan Nutrition Exchange  Dias Horticultural Nursery  Diaw Cultivation Collection  Dominguez Hydroponics Holding  Duan Horticultural Facility  Eadon Excavation Hub  Eke Agricultural Holding  Eke Mining Site  Eke Nutrition Centre  Ezra Point  Farias's Habitat  Farias's Terminus  Favre Nutrition Biosphere  Folorunsho Drilling Station  Fort Escot  Fort Xeno  Frank Botanics  Fry Excavation Complex  Gallardo's Deposit  Golden Stag  Grinchenko Botanical Farm  Gustard Agricultural Biome  Hahm Metallurgic Reserve  Hakimi Mineralogic Exploration  Hale Agricultural Facility  Halil Nutrition Hub  Hanna Enterprise  Hannu Arena  Hartog Extraction Rigs  Hartog Vista  Hawkins Hydroponics Base  Hendricks Ridge  Heo Metallurgic Claim  Hirano Excavation Territory  Hitchen Botanical Hub  Horak Depot  Hume's Nursery  Huntley Dredging Site  Ikeda's Biome  Ilsley Heights  Imai Nutrition Farm  Inoue Spa  Ishii Dredging Complex  Jackrock Outpost  Jade's Pride  Jaitly Hydroponics Exchange  Jang Mining Station  Juarez Cultivation Biosphere  Juarez Mineralogic Exploration  Kamga House  Kapoor Horticultural Facility  Karian Vision  Kashyap Mineralogic Site  Kolev Cultivation Garden  Lacek's Horizon  Lattu Bay  Ledesma's Haven  Levada Hydroponics Garden  Lewis Boarding Hostel  Lisunov Botanical Facility  Loboda Cultivation Exchange  Lopes's Plantation  Lopez Cultivation Base  Ma Agricultural Centre  Macleod Hydroponics Base  Magnusson Agricultural Estate  Maiboroda's Biome  Makoun Cultivation Holdings  Marchand Mines  Markey's Journey  Matsuda Agricultural Biome  Mazepa Hydroponics Nursery  Mead Mineralogic Territory  Mensah Nutrition Habitat  Mercer Silo  Mulligan Agricultural  Murdoch's Bay  Nakajima Mineralogic Base  Nalyvaiko Metallurgic Reserve  Navarro Mineralogic Platform  Noel's Mineralogical  Nweke Retreat  Nxasana Extraction Station  O'Neill's Prospect  Olowe Leisure Complex  Omenma Tourist Haven  Omenuko Tourism Site  Otueome Nutrition Habitat  Owor Cultivation Complex  Pandey Metallurgic Platform  Pavlenko Hydroponics Biome  Pavlenko Prospecting Facility  Pawlikowski Extraction Facility  Pereyra Horticultural Site  Plumb Hydroponics Estate  Port Wheeler  Powell Silo  Powell Synthetics Complex  Ratchet Hub  Redko Dredging Reserve  Rios Cultivations  Riquelme's Nursery  Rossi Hydroponics Complex  Russo's Journey  Ryabokin Agricultural Garden  Sadangi Drilling Enterprise  Sagar Mining Site  Saleeby's Encampment  Sato Agricultural Facility  Savchuk Horticultural Garden  Savko Horticultural Biome  Scholz Tourist District  Schwarz Botanical Biosphere  Seikilos City  Serduk Munitions Outpost  Sherlock Metallurgic Hub  Sherrill Orbital  Shore Excavation Base  Shvets's Mineralogical  Smith Drilling Territory  Spirit of Nysa  Starling Post  Stimpson Agricultural Biome  Suk Cultivation Site  Symons Botanical Centre  Taichi Park  Takada Tourism Site  Takeuchi Hospitality Resort  Tanaka Nutrition Habitat  Tolmie Extraction Complex  Toure Landing  Toussaint Cultivation Range  Tsao Prospect  Ueno's Serenity  Vadamootoo Botanical Collection  Vaillant Nutritional  Vargas Horticultural Site  Vega Hospitality Complex  Venegas Horticultural Habitat  Verquerre Dredging Reserve  Walter Prospecting Site  Windham Centre  Witch Head Science Centre  Yasuko Hope  Yeon Bay  Yevitt Station  Zelenko Botanical Holdings  Zuniga Drilling Territory 
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Aegis Defense  Alliance Expeditionary Pact  Alliance Vanguard Crew  Chloe Sedesi  Federal Acquisition Corp  Federal Ancillary League  Federal Requisition Agency  Imperial Silver Eagles  Kumo Council  Paragons of the Empire  Sirius Atmospherics  Sirius Corporation  Sirius Mining  The Allied Commission  The Imperial Exemplars  The Protectors  Witch Head Troop  Xeno Research Group 
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Addings Watch  Hirano Ward  Pamu Konei  Pigeon John's Nest  Silveridge Progress  Smithson Meadow  Tuvelik Foundation  Yan Lan Survey 
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Banner Class Bulk Cargo Ship Gaylen's Glory  Banner Class Bulk Cargo Ship Spirit of Nimue  Banner Class Bulk Cargo Ship The Tenacity  Bowman Class Science Vessel JSJ-239  Freedom Class Survey Vessel CTC-023  Gordon Class Bulk Cargo Ship LWY-129  Hercules Class Bulk Cargo Ship TFD-013  Hogan Class Bulk Cargo Ship El Primer Deseo  Hogan Class Bulk Cargo Ship Icon of Harmony  Samson Class Bulk Cargo Ship Falcon's Watch  Samson Class Bulk Cargo Ship The Lady Karina  Samson Class Bulk Cargo Ship The Radiant Song 
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Musca Dark Region PJ-P b6-1 3 Geological Survey 23B  Musca Dark Region PJ-P b6-1 3 Wrecked SRV  Witch Head Sector OT-Q B5-0 0 Hesperus beacon #10 
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